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Excellent postgraduate-students' class competition

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At 2:30 PM in the afternoon of 22nd December, 2015, the first group of the excellent postgraduate-students' class competition was held in the new main building B-208. School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering hosted this event. The teams come from School of materials science and engineering, School of Automation Science and electrical engineering, School of mechanical engineering and automation, School of transportation science and engineering, School of instrumentation science and engineering, School of advanced engineering and School of Ecloe Central de Peking. The judges are the graduate director of each school.
The competition consisted of two steps: presentation and defense. Every team showed their construction of Party branch, class event and awards with slides. Among them, the class 14034 of School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering (ASEE) won the with the training class ” educated and reasonable ,advance with unanimous applause due to their well-educated and model of property” and class 14033 got the good evaluation due to their good demonstration style.
In the end, there are seven classes are recommended to the university. Class 14034 and class 14033 of ASEE won the first prize and the third prize respectively.
The event of excellent postgraduate-students' class competition provided a good opportunity to display and exchange their class construction. Also the event can improve the students’ ability to learn each other, make progress together and sense of group honor.